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What is the Neurodivide?

The Neurodivide is the outdated idea that there is one way to be “professional.” If someone think, communicate, act, or work in a different way from that norm, he is considered unprofessional. Leaders who perpetuate this are on the wrong side of the neurodivide. There is a gap between “traditional” and “different” brains – and often, those brains may be autistic, ADHD, Highly Sensitive – or any other way that society considers to be neurodivergent.

Why is the Neurodivide bad?

The Neurodivide prevents thousands of people each year from gaining employment or succeeding in fulfilling careers. Within the workplace, many neurodivergent people are seen as having behavior or performance issues that can easily be remedied with a shift in communication or some accommodation. Instead, HR is clogged with requests to deal with problem managers and employees. Managers are pulling their hair out because their employees are not doing what they ask or are not doing the job they are required to do. Employees who are not getting their needs met end up demonstrating toxic behaviors.
All of these things can be reduced with a focus on neuroinclusion.


Who Is Jessica Michaels?

Jessica Michaels spent the first two decades of her career hearing: “You’re meeting all your goals, but you’re still failing. You can’t get along with people.” Her performance was fantastic, but she rubbed people the wrong way – and she didn’t know how to fix it. Still, she leaned on her strengths and powered her way from recruiting and sales to leadership. When she wasn’t training, managing, or selling, she toured the Midwest as a standup comic. She became a recognized facilitator and speaker. However, the pattern repeated: Be a great individual contributor, get promoted to manager, and have things blow up spectacularly. Finally, she received a diagnosis that explained those struggles – Autism Spectrum Disorder 1 and ADHD.



A Practical Guide To Navigating Neurodiversity for Employee Learning And Engagement.

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Who can Jessica help?

If you are neurodivergent, possibly neurodivergent, have neurodivergent-adjacent traits, or just have a personality that is “too much” or “not enough”


You are struggling in your career or at your job.


You were identified or diagnosed late in life and are figuring out “what now?”


You are a manager or leader and want to grow.


You are a future manager or a leader and have an “atypical leadership style.”


You represent your company’s ERG, affinity group, or Neurodiversity programming and are looking for a speaker, trainer, facilitator, or consultant.


You want on-demand training for you or your company.


You want to learn how to support neurodivergent employees.


You want to create a culture that celebrates neurodiversity.


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Praise for Jessica

I attended today's neurodiversity session today and it was amazing. My husband and I suspect that our 16 year old son is likely somewhere on the high-functioning end of the autism spectrum (undiagnosed) and it is only after significant struggles with things we can't seem to make progress on that we paused, reflected, researched and realized that perhaps he is neurodiverse. Jessica when you spoke today and described your experience, I almost cried - it was as though you were describing my son to some extent.

Jessica, thank you for being so candid and honest. And really funny.

This session has been amazing - thank you for organizing and for everyone for being so vulnerable and sharing.

Lots of the friends I grew up with and was drawn to growing up (before I or they knew anything about neurodiversity) turned out to also be neurodivergent lol. Now I know why!! I guess we just spoke the same language. Thanks, Jessica.

Way more entertaining than I expected in a talk about Autism and ADD.

Now I really feel like I have two reasons to celebrate PRIDE! Neurodiversity Queers Unite! Thank you for leading me to my people.

This was a wonderful and impactful session. Thank you so much! By being vulnerable and sharing, you give others the courage to do the same.

Thank you for sharing. I learned something new today! Will definitely recommend.

You’re the fun HR.

Coach Jess was so helpful after my ADHD diagnosis. I was struggling to figure what my diagnosis meant for my actual life. I did lots of research and ended up more overwhelmed. Coach Jess helped me put it all into perspective and figure out ways to honor ADHD to make life easier. It helps that she has been there and gone through the exact same thing.


I never thought of myself as a leader before, but owning a business and employing people that’s exactly what I am. I thought that a leader was someone you’d see in a fancy suit in a boardroom, not me at home in my sweats. Coach Jess taught me there are all types of leaders. I always have a smile on my face after our sessions.