“One Size Fits Nobody: Neurodiversity in Training and Design.”

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My name is Jessica Michaels. I spent 20+ years working in corporate America – both successfully and unsuccessfully – before finding out I was Autistic with ADHD. Having spent the last several years of my career in corporate training, I began to see that much of the employee training I was involved in creating or delivering was not compatible with many neurodivergent brains. I struggled with finding resources to help me include ways to make accessible in person trainings, virtual sessions, and small group sessions. Much of the information I found online was designed for teachers educating children, or was insufficient in addressing the needs of adults working in a corporate space. I decided to combine my adult education expertise, my experience as an adult ADHD/Autistic, and my work as a Neurodiversity Consultant, Coach, and Speaker to write a book useful for anyone who participates in the training of corporate employees – managers, trainers, facilitators, onboarding specialists, or group leaders. Currently, the working title is “One Size Fits Nobody: Neurodiversity in Training and Design.” The print and eBook versions are scheduled to be published this summer, with the audiobook due this fall.


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