Let your company grow to its fullest! No disability is acceptable as an excuse. Let me help your employees through their physical, intellectual, and cognitive disabilities!

Why do organizations or companies need disability awareness speakers?

In most organizations or those small-sized businesses, people with certain disabilities might not feel as included as other people with no disabilities at all. It’s true to understand that disabilities include physical, intellectual, and cognitive impairments that have a high impact on the 15% of the global population. It’s a feeling of sadness and lack of motivation because those known leaders, managers, or high-end employees might not be able to achieve their goals and targets!

That’s where there is a need for the best disability speaker. Those small-sized businesses, organizations, or companies need disability awareness speakers to promote inclusivity and enhance diversity and inclusion efforts. Educate employees about disabilities, improve accessibility practices, and comply with legal requirements. They also need disability speakers to improve customer service for individuals with disabilities and inspire and motivate employees to develop an empathetic and inclusive mindset. It’s required to develop a culture where disabled people feel included, valued, and supported is not an easy job. A disability awareness speaker shares his own life experiences and motivates the workforce to achieve inclined goals and objectives.

After having a disability awareness session with me, things will be different.


Excellently motivated employees

The employees with certain disabilities will feel helped, motivated, and self-esteemed to become a part of the organization

The solutions to the challenges

Comprehensive assistance and guidance will be provided if certain disabilities within an organization need a specific solution. Every challenge can be accomplished and made easier with the right guidance.

Help organizations achieve goals

After a session with the best disability speaker, the employees will feel more connected with the organization’s goals and help the top managers achieve them.

Assessment of internal workspace environments

Internal workplace events can also provide a platform for disabled employees and disability allies around your organization to share experiences in a safe, supportive environment.

Meet Jessica, your all-time professional disability awareness speaker

Disability within an organization or a business is like a disease; unless there is no solution, your employees will never perform to their full extent. 

Welcome to Jessica Michaels’ full-time coaching session, your destination for a distinguished disability awareness speaker who can ignite change and promote inclusivity within your organization. With a profound understanding of disabilities and a passion for fostering inclusive environments, Jessica Michaels is the ideal choice to elevate awareness and cultivate a culture of acceptance within your company.

As a disability awareness speaker, Jessica possesses the following abilities:

  • Extensive expertise in disabilities, encompassing physical, sensory, cognitive, and invisible disabilities.
  • A dynamic and engaging speaking style that captivates audiences and facilitates meaningful connections.
  • In-depth knowledge of creating inclusive workplace cultures that value and empower all employees.
  • Guidance on enhancing accessibility in physical spaces, technology, and communication methods.
  • Expertise in legal obligations regarding reasonable accommodations and anti-discrimination measures.
  • Specialized training to enhance customer service for individuals with disabilities.
  • Inspirational storytelling that resonates with audiences, fostering empathy and positive change.

By engaging Jessica Michaels as your disability awareness speaker, you’ll empower your organization to embrace diversity, dismantle barriers, and create an environment where every individual can thrive. 

Contact Jessica today to embark on a transformative journey toward a more inclusive and accessible future.

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Disability awareness training for everyone!

As advocates for inclusive learning environments, we understand the importance of tailoring sessions to cater to diverse learners, drive engagement, and inspire behavioral changes. Unfortunately, without considering disability inclusion, we often end up with a one-size-fits-all approach that truly fits no one at all.

Being a seasoned disability speaker and expert in corporate education, Jessica brings her extensive experience as a disability advocate and her passion for inclusive facilitation and instructional design to revolutionize talent development programs, ensuring they are accessible and inclusive for all learners.

After engaging with Jessica’s services, your talent development team will achieve the following:

  • Recognize the impact of disabilities in the corporate training environment.
  • Create content and design team activities that are disability-inclusive.
  • Foster an environment where learners of all abilities can actively participate and excel.
  • Overcome preconceived notions about what an “engaged learner” looks like, embracing the diversity of learning styles and needs.

By leveraging Jessica’s expertise as a disability speaker, your organization will unlock the potential for inclusive learning experiences that empower individuals with disabilities and create a welcoming and equitable learning environment for all. Together, let’s ensure that no learner is left behind.

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Hire for disability awareness within your organization!

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Coach Jessica Michaels is a fully trained, equipped, and well-experienced coach to provide your employees with comprehensive disability training. No matter in which part of the world you are living, Jessica will be there to make an impact within your organization. Jessica, with her years of experience in guidance and training employees and empowering small-sized businesses and companies, is your full-time professional disability speaker. Hire her for profound storytelling and thoughtful experience within the organization and let those disabilities go away. 

With Jessica, things will be different because

  • She is experienced and has her own life experience to share
  • Jessica becomes the best coach and guide because she knows how to deal with a particular situation
  • She has a different plan for your organization!

Be our guest let Jassica help you become your best disability speaker!

Choose Jessica Michaels because she brings a unique perspective and valuable expertise to help you navigate workplace challenges and optimize your business. With 20 years of experience as a facilitator, speaker, and corporate trainer, Jessica understands the complexities of interpersonal dynamics and professional growth.

What sets Jessica apart is her personal journey. After receiving a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD at age 40, she gained profound insights into her earlier struggles. Leveraging her lived experience as a neurodiverse professional, Jessica now coaches individuals facing workplace challenges and job searches.

Moreover, Jessica provides consulting and training services to businesses throughout the US. By combining her deep understanding of diverse perspectives with her corporate training expertise, she empowers organizations to foster inclusive environments and maximize the potential of all employees.

Choose Jessica Michaels to benefit from her unique blend of personal experience, professional expertise, and commitment to helping individuals and businesses thrive.

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