Drive inclusivity and engagement with neurodiversity strategies, unlocking innovative talent and boosting the bottom line. Let Jessica Micheals be your full-time Neurodiversity speaker!

What is Neurodiversity, and why
should we even care about it?

Neurodiversity encompasses variations in neurological functioning. Are there neurodiverse individuals in our company? Can individuals with Autism, ADHD, or Dyslexia work here? If they need support, will they ask for it? Is diversity and inclusion (D&I) sufficient? We’ve addressed inclusion, but does it matter if nobody voices concerns?

Many companies often question the presence of neurodiverse individuals within their workforce and wonder if they can effectively work together. However, the reality is that approximately 30% of the global population falls under the category of neurodivergent. These individuals can be found at all levels of your organization.

While they may be coping in their roles, providing support and accommodations for neurodiverse employees can lead to transformative outcomes. By embracing neurodiversity through neurodiversity speakers, organizations foster a more inclusive environment where everyone can thrive, unlocking unique talents, boosting engagement, and ultimately driving productivity and success for the entire company. It’s essential to recognize the significance of neurodiversity and its positive impact on individuals and the overall workplace dynamics. Having one of the best neurodiversity speakers for your organization is as necessary as a soul in your body!

After this Neurodiversity session with Jessica Micheals, your company will


Achieve top performance

Harness the power of neurodiversity to unlock untapped potential, boost employee engagement, and drive top performance across all levels of your organization.

Identify the challenges

Gain insights into the unique challenges faced by neurodiverse individuals and develop strategies to overcome barriers, fostering an inclusive and supportive work environment.

Value the positives

Recognize and appreciate the strengths, skills, and perspectives that neurodiverse individuals bring to the table, leveraging their unique talents to enhance team collaboration and overall organizational success.

Separate performance

Embrace an individualized approach to performance management, tailoring support and accommodations to meet the specific needs of neurodiverse employees, ensuring equitable opportunities for growth and success.

The neurodiverse workplace with professional Neurodiversity speaker, Jessica Micheals

Neurodiversity is a critical aspect of diversity and inclusion, gaining significant attention. But what does it mean? Why is it crucial for your business’s success?

Through Jessica’s personal journey as a late-in-life diagnosed neurodivergent with Autism and ADHD, she inspires employees to embrace inclusion through simple, cost-free actions integrated into daily conversations.

After the session with one of the best neurodiversity speakers, your employees will:

  • Gain an understanding of neurodiversity and its relevance to each individual.
  • Adopt a neurodiversity mindset, recognizing diverse communication and information processing styles among colleagues.
  • Implement a no-cost neurodiverse approach in their workflow, fostering engagement, psychological safety, and employee retention.
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Customized Neurodiversity coaching sessions, for each business depending on their needs

Discover the power of customized neurodiversity coaching sessions with Jessica, tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. In today’s diverse workplace, it is essential to consider neurodiversity in order to create an inclusive environment that benefits all employees.

Drawing upon her expertise in neurodiversity and corporate education, Jessica leverages her personal journey as a late-in-life diagnosed neurodivergent with Autism and ADHD. Her passion for facilitation and instructional design enables her to revolutionize Talent Development, making it neuro-inclusive for all learners.

Through Jessica’s coaching sessions, your talent development team will gain;

  • Valuable insights into how neurodivergence manifests in the corporate training environment. 
  • They will learn to generate neuro-inclusive content and team activities, ensuring that every employee feels valued and included. 
  • Additionally, Jessica will help your team overcome their biases and preconceptions about what an “engaged learner” looks like.

Invest in customized neurodiversity coaching sessions with Jessica and unlock the full potential of your business by fostering a culture of inclusion, innovation, and engagement.

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Get one of the best speakers about Neurodiversity; hire Jessica today!

Neurodiversity is a trending topic in the realm of recruitment. There is a vast pool of talented individuals with Autism, ADHD, and Dyslexia that remains untapped. Conventional hiring methods often hinder neurodivergent candidates from entering the talent pipeline and present unnecessary obstacles for others. Leveraging the professional neurodiversity speaker’s firsthand experience as a neurodivergent professional, along with her recruitment background and expertise in educating managers and employees, Jessica is poised to demystify the process of hiring these exceptional candidates.

Following the session, your Talent Acquisition Team will:

  • acquire the skills to craft neuro-inclusive job descriptions and advertisements. 
  • They will learn effective strategies for sourcing neurodivergent job seekers and be equipped to establish a comfortable and supportive interview process—from initial phone screens to final offers. 
  • By embracing neurodiversity in recruitment, your company will tap into a wealth of untapped potential and foster a more inclusive and dynamic workforce.
  • There will be a better working environment, more growth, and high success inclined with your business.
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Who is Jessica Micheals as your favorite Neurodiversity speaker?

For two decades, Jessica Michaels encountered recurring feedback: “You’re accomplishing your goals, but your inability to collaborate is hindering your success.” perplexed by this observation, she tirelessly tackled her personal hurdles and emerged as a respected facilitator, speaker, and corporate trainer.

At the age of 40, Jessica finally received a diagnosis that shed light on her earlier struggles—Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD. Drawing upon her firsthand experiences as a neurodiverse professional, she now serves as a Neurodiversity Speaker, providing coaching to individuals facing workplace challenges or embarking on job searches. Additionally, she offers consultancy and training services to businesses nationwide.

With her unique perspective and expertise, Jessica empowers organizations, small businesses, and individuals across the United States to embrace neurodiversity, fostering inclusive environments that leverage the diverse talents and strengths of every individual. Through her engaging sessions, she inspires positive change, dispels misconceptions, and champions the power of neurodiversity in achieving success.

Book Jessica today and never feel the problem of Neurodiversity within your organization. It’s time to shake things up and give them a new perspective!

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