Gifted Kid, Messy Adult Podcast

Calling out former gifted kids! Want to take a break from your books and documentaries? How about an excuse to ignore those chores and responsibilities for a little longer? Introducing a new weekly podcast Gifted Kid, Messy Adult. Jess and Ellie are two married neurodivergent women. (as in, like we’re married to each other) We talk about the ups and downs of being labeled “gifted” and the struggles that come with that label as an adult. We also interview other adults who understand what it’s like to lose sleep over the question, “Why can’t I live up to my potential?” Each episode is co-hosted by Jess and Ellie both former gifted kids dealing with the feeling of “whatever we do, it will never be enough.”

Want to have your voice or story featured on Gifted Kid, Messy Adult? We’d love to hear about your successes, failures, happiness, and ennui. Let’s laugh, cry, and let the un-shaming begin. Email is here with questions, or comments

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