Neurodiversity Workplace & Career Coaching


  • Career coaching
  • Workplace issues and challenges
  • Disclosure decisions

Job Search Consulting:

  • Resume review
  • Tailored interview practice
  • Job search planning and accountability

Employer Consulting

  • Training for managers and employees
  • Manager and Employee Coaching
  • Neurodiversity strategy
  • Keynote Speaking
    • Meeting All My Goals – and Failing: My Neurodiversity Story
    • Neurodiversity in Recruiting
    • Neurodiversity in the Workplace
    • Neurodiversity and Learning, Development, and Training
    • Creating Neurodiversity Support Networks and ERGs
    • Neurodiversity and the Bottom Line: Why You Can’t Afford to Wait
    • Neurodiversity Mythbusting
    • Leaders and Neurodiversity

Neurodiversity Work Coach

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