Tips for Inclusive Hybrid Meetings!

7 Tips for Inclusive Hybrid Meetings

1.  Include an agenda in the invite.
2. Clearly describe the level of participation and preparation required in your invite. Example: Come prepared to share your ideas.
3. Schedule meetings to allow for “buffer” time. Example: Schedule start time for 10:05 instead of 10:00. Set end time for 11:55 instead of 12:00.
4. Ensure Closed Captions are on and working. Let participants know how to use them.
5. Require everyone to log into the meeting individually, instead of some people in a conference room and some people virtual only. Instruct everyone to use the chat or raised-hand icons to participate.
6. Don’t call on people expecting them to contribute. Make sure everyone has the option to share if they wish. Example: Holly, is there anything you’d like to share today?
7. No radio silence. When remote people are on the call, refrain from muting the room conversation. Even if your conversation doesn’t affect remote attendees, keeping the sound on ensures that remote participants don’t feel like they are missing out.

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