New Book – Coming in 2024

One Size Fits No One

A Practical Guide To Navigating Neurodiversity
for Employee Learning And Engagement


I spent 20+ years working in corporate America –successfully and unsuccessfully – before discovering I was Autistic with ADHD. That began my journey of overcoming the many communication challenges, social interaction issues, and job stress that often accompanies neurodivergence. As I learned more about how brains process and communicate, I was astonished that 85% of autistics are unemployed or underemployed. Similar difficulties existed with other neurotypes of ADHD, Dyslexia, and Tourette’s – are extended beyond recognized populations because many never actually find out why they think and work differently than others. I examined these challenges through my expertise: developing and delivering training for managers and business leaders. I saw that much of the trouble stemmed from employees focusing more on acting as their managers expect rather than thinking creatively or learning. There was a world of accepted professionalism. Anyone who didn’t fit in was deemed “not professional,” – so acting as we fit in was more important than actually doing our jobs. The difference between what is professional and how many people think, communicate, and function is what I call the NeuroDivide.

How do we bridge the NeuroDivide? We must adjust our way of transferring information to account for different brains because one solution doesn’t work for everyone. Any time one share information with someone who is expected to think or do something differently because of the information they received is a learning experience. We update how we create and deliver learning experiences –from extensive training and webinars to 1:1s, team meetings, Slack messages, emails, coaching sessions, onboarding, orientation, job aids, and resources.

Who needs ‘One Size Fits No One’? Managers, leaders, team leads, those involved in orientation or onboarding, trainers, facilitators, instructional designers, developers, sales enablement, diversity, equity, inclusion, and disability advocates. Project leads and managers, key employees, executives, people who want to be inclusive and supportive colleagues – anyone who needs to ensure that information gets from them and into the minds of others or that everyone is given a fair shot to do their best. Neurodiversity is here to stay. A better plan is needed because One Size Fits No One.

New Book – Coming in 2024

A Practical Guide To Navigating Neurodiversity for Employee Learning And Engagement.

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