The Book of Myself: A Do-It-Yourself Autobiography in 201 Questions

First of all – this is written by a man known as the “Mr. Statistics of Oklahoma” – so how could I NOT buy this!! This is one of my favorite finds, especially as someone with terrible alexythia AND bad memory issues! Any time I’ve been challenged to remember my life there were huge blind spots of things I just didn’t remember. This book provies prompts to help fill in information. You can use all of them or none of them. You can ue the “early years, middle years, later years” organization or not. If you’re like me, the question it asks coudl lead you to something else and you never answer the question at all. This is a really great starter if you are hoping to write a memoir, or if you want to have something to hand down to your kids or grandkids. For me, it has me thinking about things I never woudl have otherwise and I’ve pulled some great stories out of my memory that would have just gone to waste.