An Email Lesson

If I had a thought at all when I sent the email, it was “That was a good and helpful email.” That made it all the more surprising when I got the call from my manager to discuss it. I looked at every word, desperate to figure out which of them was the offensive one. I read it out loud, thinking the “rude” would jump out at me. I didn’t get it. I had answered the question, I had let them know that out of 2 choices I didn’t care which was chosen and that if they had questions I was here via email or text. No matter how I saw it, I couldn’t find the condescension and over-directness that I was assured was there.

Sometimes, I can tell almost instantly when my ASD or ADHD has caused a problem. Often, I can’t tell until the friend no longer responds to my texts, the feedback comes back low, the get-togethers no longer include me, and the conversation ends just as I log onto the call. Or in this case – when I get the email that I need to meet with my manager about some “concerns” that have come to their attention.

It never gets easier, regardless of my work or my openness. I am hoping it WILL be easier for those that come after me.

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