The EQ Problem

Emotional Intelligence. Active listening. Essentialism. Self Awareness.

What do these concepts have in common? They have great potential to be ableists in the way they are often expected, taught, and put into practice. They can give the idea that there is one way to do things to be successful, that deviation is bad, and any challenge in doing these things means you can’t be a good professional and certainly not a good leader.

Diversity and Inclusion means making space for others – including those who communicate and think differently than you do. They might not look, act, or sound like you think they “should.” Most of us don’t go to work to make people mad all day, so let’s give each other some grace in our interactions and make space for different brains.

And if you teach the above topics in your business, reach out to me to find out how your org can do so inclusively!

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