When Life Gets in the Way

I MEET DEADLINES. Always getting my work done on time has been my brand. Regardless of life challenges, ADHD, autism, or other projects – come hell or high water my work gets DONE…..Until it doesn’t.

There is a lot happening for me right now. World stuff, work stuff, family stuff, side business stuff, book stuff. Some of it is small, but lots of it is BIG – as in – keeps me from meeting my deadlines big.

When you are someone who has made getting your work done on time a part of your identity, a blown deadline is way more than that. It’s a reflection on you as a person. It’s a sign that you really don’t have it together and you’re starting to crack. A signal that the imposter syndrome you have isn’t just a syndrome -you really ARE an imposter, pretending to be a professional when what you really are is a screw-up. One missed deadline is the rock that triggers the avalanche, and every other late email, late deliverable, or unanswered Slack message is just one more boulder on your back that’s going to squish you flat.

I don’t have a great answer here. My coaching brain knows that it isn’t this bad, that people around me are understanding, and I AM known for my work. Also – everyone has bad days, needs help, or needs a break. And so many deadlines can be pushed here or there with no actual impact, you just need to ask. All of that is true. It’s also true that feeling crappy certainly doesn’t lead to you getting more things done. I guess the end of the story is this: I am a person who (mostly) MEETS (important) DEADLINES (usually.)

And it will all be OK.

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